We believe that reading makes a better future possible for every kid.

BOOKR was designed to engage and delight the youngest learners in reading, because we believe that reading makes a better future possible for every kid.



BOOKR Strengths and How It Differs

Aligned with CEFR

  • For teachers and educators enthusiastic about digital solutions in education – English as a second language
  • From kindergarteners to teenagers, everyone can find a story to suit their level and interest
  • According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) – as it is used in all levels of English teaching in public schools in Malaysia
  • The BOOKR Class Library consists of 1000+ animated e-books, nursery rhymes, songs, 5000+ games and flashcards and is regularly updated with new titles

Features and functions

  • Dashboard to personalize student interest based on statistics generated
  • You must be connected to the Internet to download the BOOKR Class application, to browse the Library and to download books. The downloaded books can be read offline, without an Internet connection, if you have a valid subscription
  • Can be customised in phases to create lcoalised contents - to cultivate reading habits through the local loanguage translation
  • Requires minimum hardware specification to run the application

Best Reading Experience

We provide the best reading experience for students and a secured environment for Libraries to offer an digital reading solution.


Bundle BOOKR’s Digital & Animated Books with Tablets


Bundle with Devices

  • We can provide BOOKR App for Windows laptops/Android/iOS with BOOKR Class subscription.
  • Each tablet comes with 1/2/3 year(s) of subscription package.


A secure Device lock

We can offer library solutions with a Device lock.


  • We can lock the subscription to the device.
  • The user may try to login with the same username and password in other devices, but the subscription is not visible there.
  • The app will work only on the activated device(s).


What does BOOKR Class offer?



Education Alliance Finland Evaluation


  • BOOKR has a good amount of well executed material for reading and second language learning skills.
  • The Teacher’s Handbook represents solid, modern pedagogy that promotes learning together and using language in various ways.
  • The learner can practice language very actively with multiple good quality activities in the app.

Awards & Certifications


BOOKR around the world

Libraries all over the world are offering a digital reading solution with BookR Class


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